Here’s a list of quick things anyone can do right now to click for Africa. Expand each one – when you’ve completed a task
the header would change color from red to white. If you have cookies enabled the page will remember which ones you’ve done.
Thanks and happy clicking!

Recurring Tasks

These will reset each day.

Visit our website – so that’s one you can check off already!

Visit!. Every page view contributes a little to the kitty, so you’ve already started. This is so easy!

Vote us on to boost our balance

(Membership not needed) For the anti-bot thing, you need to click right in the middle of the red dot or it won’t work…

Leave an encouraging comment at badilisha blog

Leave an encouraging comment on any of the blog posts at badilisha blog. These are the folks we’re working with on our first internet project. We’ll be able to chat with them directly soon! Let them know we’re working on it…

Help us to promote ClickForAfrica.

Follow this shortlink to the faucet we’re making to promote ClickForAfrica. We’ll get paid for your click. Just close the ad window then click ‘skip ad’ (at the top right). It will take you to It doesn’t matter if you don’t claim, we get something from each page view.


One-time Tasks

These will remain as you left them so long as you don’t delete your cookies.

Follow us on Facebook

There isn’t much else worth doing there yet as it is not fully set up. Help with that would be appreciated! We’ll add new tasks to this list later when there are articles to like, share etc.

Help out our twitter feed!

Go to Near the top there’s a ready-made tweet you can click to promote ClickForAfrica. It’s a shortlink so we’ll get paid for any hits from it.

Check out our review of THC Servers and share it using any of the sharing buttons.

This is our ISP and they are the best. Also we get affiliate commission if anyone signs up.