screenshot of the monitor page isn’t a faucet. It’s just a really useful tool that will increase your efficiency, save time and let you earn more from the faucets and PTC sites you visit. It’s really difficult to keep track of your sites, and they all have different timers too, making it even worse.

Install Brave Browser and help your favorite sites!

Brave browser will block ads and trackers for you. It also enables you to reward the sites you like by sending them tokens which have real value. Soon it will also have opt-in ads for which you receive a large percentage of the revenue. Until then they have an initial bonus distributed to users. This means you can support ClickForAfrica just by using Brave browser.

It’s pretty much the same as chrome so should be familiar. Download from our reflink and if you use it (sometimes) during the first month to try it out, we’ll get an additional 5 dollars of tokens.


Once you’ve downloaded and installed Brave, and set it up the way you want it, make sure you’ve visited at least once with Brave, then go to settings (hamburger menu top right) > payments.

screenshot of payments page

  • Click the yellow gear icon (top right), change ‘minimum page time before logging a visit’ to 8 seconds (1 minute might be too long)
  • Disable auto-include (this will include all sites you visit)
  • Set payments to on
  • Make sure to include – you can include or remove any site by clicking the relevant switch.
  • The list can get quite full so it helps to select ‘show only included sites’.
  • Click on ‘claim my free tokens’. You may not get anything immediately, but they say they are giving out about 5 dollars of tokens per month to users at the moment and will soon introduce the paid ads too.

If you want to, you’ll be able to exchange the tokens or cash them in at some point. I have not investigated that much, except to know that people are already buying and selling then (Basic Attention Tokens).

Test Post From Evans

This is just a test post for the “Evans” account. Evans will be our first recipient and beta tester. Evans is the coordinator of the first Direct Sponsor group and the main Badilisha site is still being worked on. We have acquired domain and once finished, Evans will be able to promote the Badilisha Eco-village, school and Orphanage on that site, as well as post here about their progress with the communications.

We can send testnet coins to Evans during the beta testing pahase. We could also send real coins, as the purpose of Evens’ membership here is to raise enough to get a decent internet connection and some equipment at Badilisha for the whole community to use. Email notifications for Evans account are temporarily directed to Admin though, so as to avoid filling his inbox with testnet notifications.

Almost there!

We wanted to make it possible for people to send currency directly to individuals who are doing worthwhile community projects in the Third World. It turned out not to be as easy as we thought, but now the work is almost done.

Thanks go in particular to the developer of the bitcoin and altcoin WordPress wallets plug-in. This has made it easy for us to give addresses to all users, and for users to send each other funds. This means that now members will be able to read about projects here on and transfer funds within the site, thus avoiding some fees.

Instead of sending money to an organization you can send it directly to the people doing the projects.

Our pilot project is on Rusinga Island, Kenya. Member Evans Odula will be posting updates here on their progress, and you’ll be able to send your collected coins to him. As the site gets busier, we’ll be adding more projects.

We think this is a much better idea than traditional charity. It’s just friends helping each other out, with no big org in between to soak up all the money.

Site Owners Your Ads May Be Stolen!

Faucet owners are especially dependent on ad revenue. It’s not just income,
you’re paying out money based on the expected income, so you will be actually losing real money if someone is stealing your ad spaces.

About a year ago I installed the extension so I could use the Paid to Click site and get some Satoshi. I noticed after a while that all the pages I was visiting had the same ads. This went on for some time and eventually, I narrowed it down to the new extension.

I wrote to the owner and he quickly issued an update to fix it. Leaving aside such disturbing questions as “how can you do something as complex as replacing all the ads on all pages I visit with your own ads by accident?” I carried on my way.

I recently came across an article on the Wordfence blog which explains how such things are done, and how it can be done also by hi-jacking legitimate extensions written by others. More importantly, it tells site owners what they can do about it.


Anonymous Ads – Easy, Quick and Not Nosy.

Those who have set up an advertising account with one of the big networks like google will know that it’s not a simple task. If you don’t spend a lot of time filling out forms and going through reams of ‘help’ pages and read a lot, you stand the risk of finding out what you skipped when payment time comes along. Or not… The messages you receive are standard form messages, you’re dealing with a robot, not a human, and you have to wade once again through their terms, conditions and intro pages to figure out what you did wrong.

You could spend many hours on this and still only have scraped the surface. And then if you decide to add another ad company to your portfolio you have to do it all over again! It’s a nightmare worthy of Kafka. Add to this that you have to help the ad agency track everything your users do, for nothing!

Developing Countries Embracing Bitcoin Via Faucets

Teacher coming!

By Ofir Beigel

99Bitocins’ Bitcoin Faucet WordPress plugin is now powering more than 200 Bitcoin sites around the world, allowing more than 2.5 billion unbanked adults from around the world to participate in a permissionless global economy.

The original Bitcoin faucet, created by Gavin Andresen, was a way for new users to experience Bitcoin for free. Today these Bitcoin faucets are still around, only they have changed their purpose from helping people to getting started with Bitcoin into generating revenue through ads for the webmasters that run them.

The First Free Bitcoin Faucet

Gavin Andreson’s faucet was paying 5BTC per day in 2010!

Imagine a faucet giving away 5BTC! That’s what Gavin Andreson’s faucet was paying back in June of 2010. It was his first bitcoin-related coding project and he started it off with ฿1,100. At today’s prices that’s close to $100,000. Your claim of ฿5 would be worth $4,290!

Security Note: Site Gravatars Disabled

We’ve disabled  gravatars (the little avatar icons that show in your profile) because they pose a security threat. Many sites use an avatar service from

An “avatar” is an image that represents you online—a little picture that appears next to your name when you interact with websites.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload it and create your profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image will automatically follow you there.

Apparently the sites using this service load the images using a hash of your address, and this hash can be used to reveal your email address. We believe the small convenience of having a picture follow you around on the web is outweighed by the security risks.

More in this article.

THC Hosting Review

[edit: I forgot to mention one of the most important things… you can pay with BTC and many other currencies]
Over the last few years, we’ve used quite a few different hosting providers. There are many pitfalls when choosing a provider, and it’s not easy to transfer everything to a new host if something goes wrong, so it’s important to make a good choice at the outset if possible.

Dirt-cheap hosting s abundant, and for some, it may work quite well, but you need to tread carefully. Some hosts provide you with a “free” domain name, for example, but you may later find out that they own it, not you, and if you decide to move later they may not let you take it with you or may want an exorbitant fee to transfer ownership to you. Or they may have all kinds of hidden “extras” you only find out about later when you’re already committed.

The site is in testing mode, but works. Feel free to sign up and be a beta-tester. Any questions, use the contact link. Thanks.