Faucets / PTC

This is not just another worthless pile of referrer links. All these faucets and games have been used by us for some time and have paid out reliably and consistently: (take no notice of wild claims, they all pay out similar amounts.)

Nice, easy faucet. +free lottery. No withdraw threshold.

Long-running and reliable.

Faucet + PTC, Videos, offerwalls and mining game.

freebitco.in banner and link

Longest-running faucet, very reliable, relatively high paying. Lots of bonuses. Massive jackpot, read the lottery and rewards tabs!

Lots of ways to get rewards.

Paid to view ads, easier than most faucets and good rates.

Relatively high-paying, easy, no-nonsense. Also has games and a raffle.

Nice, easy faucet, no payout threshold, instant to faucethub.

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