Of all the tasks on this site, this is about the easiest thing to do.

If miner does not appear in a few seconds, try allowing authedmine.com in your adblocker

Use your device’s spare CPU cycles to mine cryptocurrencies for us. ClickForAfrica will get paid for what you mine. Just leave the tab open and it will take care of itself. You can control how much resources the miner uses. Try setting it at 2 threads and 100%, it works fine on our low-end HP mini PC with a Celeron processor. It should remember your settings on future visits.

Read about the miner and security
Until we have enough users to set up our own miner, we’re using coinhive.com. They have improved their software continuously. authedmine will not run in the background, it must be authorized by you.
More about cryptomining
When the miner is running, your device is using some of its processor power to solve math problems sent to it by the mining server. These will help to process transactions and create new coins. The mining software shares out the fees and new coins among the users, and so we get paid. You may get a few more hashes per second by loading the miner on its own, here.
An alternative miner for site members
If you are a member using Chrome, Firefox or Brave browser and would prefer not to have to leave a tab open, you could use your member bitcoin account and signup with cryptotab.com. We tested it out and it pays about the same as coinhive, but we would also get some referral commission if you use the link provided here.

So please help us out, especially in this testing phase. Once done testing we will be able to display the statistics here too. Thanks to those already running it.