You can do the things listed on the Instant Karma page any time without signing up.

If you become a member you can do a lot more:

  • Collect faucet rewards from other websites.
  • Do surveys and get the payment into your ClickForAfrica¬†address.
  • Play games or watch videos and get paid for it.
  • Have direct contact with the people you are helping.

When you sign up you are automatically given a bitcoin address, along with an address for some other currencies you can collect if you prefer. Your balance remains under your control and you can choose which project to send it to. Each project is also a member of the site and you can read about their progress or communicate directly with them. ClickForAfrica doesn’t take any fees.

We use for our wallet system, and they take 0.5% commission on transactions in or out, but transfers within the site have no fees. This is cheaper than running and maintaining our own wallets on servers.

ClickForAfrica does not support any big organizations, only small local projects which are conceived and run by the people themselves.