It’s a nice, simple system for people to spend whatever time they like collecting cryptocurrencies from free sites, to send directly to communities in the Third World so that they can get onto the internet and start to reap the benefits. There are no offices, no wages, and no directors to pay for. It is just what you see here.
You simply collect money using the wallet addresses on your members page, and then transfer it directly to your choice of recipient. (currently during the beta phase we just have one recipient community, once fully set up others will be able to join)
Where will my money go?
Our first project is with a community on Rusinga Island, in Lake Victoria, Kenya. Badilisha Eco-Village is a group of families who are setting up a permaculture project. There’s also a school for AIDS orphans there. Each member can send their earnings directly to the recipients, here on the site with no fees, and we can communicate directly with the folks we’re helping.
What currencies can we use
We will be adding currencies all the time so it’s best to look at the Donations page, or your Members page if you’ve signed up.
How can I start using cryptocurrencies?
For this project, you’ll be given an address to use. There’s no need to do anything else, no need to set up a wallet or anything, just get straight into collecting. It’s a great way to learn about how it all works, without having to do the complicated stuff first.
Why Bitcoin?
By focusing on the cryptocurrency community we are targeting our marketing on a group who are already “early adopters” by definition and thus more likely to appreciate the innovation that ClickForAfrica represents.

Cryptocurrencies enable people to transfer money to each other without going through expensive middlemen and rip-off currency traders. It also removes a whole layer of bureaucracy from our system, making it possible for us to operate without a central organization and all the expenses that that world entails.

We have no organizational expenses, so everything we collect will go straight to our recipients, and pay for the internet connections and equipment needed on the site. No waste, no-nonsense.

Another benefit of using cryptocurrencies is that the blockchain technology they use is open and public, making it easy to show full public accounts. …well, easy if you know how. We need a coder who can make that happen for us!

What About the Bankers?
Currently, the financial sector makes up between 10 and 15% of the global economy. When crypto takes over there will be a lot of bankers out of work. Everyone else will be better off though, so people will be able to donate to keep them in the lifestyle they are used to.

If you have a question that’s not answered above, you’re welcome to use the comment section below, or the contact page if you want to contact us privately.

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