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This network relies entirely on voluntary contributions, we don’t avail of any taxpayer-funded grants nor any income from foundations or other grant-giving bodies. This frees our recipient communities to do what is right for them with no politically-motivated constraints or impositions.

100% of anything you donate will go to the communities themselves, either by paying for services they need in order to get started on the internet, or on equipment to improve or expand the usefulness of their network.

Our present efforts are to raise 0.2 BTC each for two communities, one in Kenya and one in Namibia. You can see either project’s budget via the link in the left sidebar of their site.

At the moment, all funds go to the pilot project in Kenya. Later there will be a choice of project, so members can decide whom to support and send their funds directly using the feeless system on this site. If you prefer not to sign up, you can send to the addresses on this page.