is a relatively high-paying faucet plus offerwalls, PTC ads and videos. Offerwalls don’t like me, and usually, they are coming from just a few sites whose user interface people and web designers should be shot. The PTC and videos are worth doing though. Choose the middle video, cointiply’s own, because adscend ones want to send stuff to your phone and the dailymotion one is in beta and not paying yet.

You can build up a good balance quite quickly with the combination of faucet claims, PTC ads, and videos.  The minimum FaucetHub withdrawal amount is 35,000 coins so it could take a while.

There’s also a mining game which seems like it will pay out some, I tried it but it baffled me so I left it. You might find it ok! is a nice, straightforward faucet with no withdraw limit, so you can transfer your earnings to FauceHub whenever you like. On each claim, you also get a lottery ticket for the weekly lottery, so there’s a chance of a bit more. You can increase your chance by using some of your balance to buy more tickets.

screenshot of the monitor page isn’t a faucet. It’s just a really useful tool that will increase your efficiency, save time and let you earn more from the faucets and PTC sites you visit. It’s really difficult to keep track of your sites, and they all have different timers too, making it even worse.