No money needed! ClickForAfrica is a new and unique system for peer-to-peer charity. We need some beta testers to try it out and give feedback.

You don’t have to take any notice of this at all, if you prefer, just go to and do your own testing!

The idea behind this site is that people can do tasks and earn currency, and then transfer that currency (100%—no fees, no bureaucracy, no middleman) to their chosen project. We need a few people to try out the ‘things to do’ that I put on the site. They are not very well implemented (my skills are limited) so please try them out and report back:

  • Anything that does not work (broken links, failed scripts etc.)
  • User interface mistakes, difficulties or general bad implementations
  • Any ideas you have to improve the existing features, or for new ones that we could introduce
  • Your overall impression: does this look like something that people around the world would enjoy doing, once we have ironed out the bad bits and thought of some good tasks?
  • Anything that’s not clear when you browse the site.
Quick Tasks ⇅
The quick tasks (Instant Karma) page has some things people can do at any time, without signing up. The items should collapse and change color when you’ve checked them. The cookies should reset each day for the daily list, and remain checked for the one-off list. I.e. if you return more than 24 hours later, the daily tasks should all be unchecked again, but the one-off tasks should be as you left them. If you re-load the page, it should be the same as you left it.
There’s no need to actually do the tasks, they are real but pretty boring for now.
Miner ⇅
Try out the miner. (Mine for Africa) It can run in a background tab and you can adjust the resources it uses. No need to leave it on, just make sure it works for you. The counter should increment and you should be able to adjust up or down the number of threads, which should change the speed.
Report any problems you have with the miner script or anything that could be done to improve the instructions or other text on that page.
Chat ⇅
We have a chat server, please use that to report and discuss things, this will help to test out the chat server. This chat will be for users of the system as a way for them to be directly in touch with the people they are helping, so we need to make sure things like email notifications are happening. If you don’t have time to join the chat, you can leave comments in the bottom of this page. Thanks.

  • go to
  • sign up and you should get an email with a link for verification.
  • go to the General channel and say hi. Mention that you’re beta testing. If I’m not around it will send me an email so I will know you are there, and when I reply, if it’s all working correctly, you should get an email if you’re not already online and logged in.
  • Please allow browser notifications so you can check that they are also working.
Register ⇅
You can use the site without signing up. If you do sign up there are more things you can do there. In particular, this is how users can send funds they raised to their chosen recipient. At the moment it’s just the one pilot project in Kenya.

  • Sign up ( – there is a register/sign in link in the left sidebar on all pages) This also has email validation.
  • Check in your account page (members) that you have been given an address for bitcoin, Litecoin, lLtecoin Testnet etc. There should be 11 currencies on the list.
  • If you want to test out transferring coins, we can use Litecoin Testnet for that, they are just test coins with no value. Let me know in the chat if you’ll do some transaction testing and I’ll send you some.
  • Doing faucets etc to raise funds will take too long for the testing phase, but will send some directly to your account, see at the bottom of your members page, where it says “To try out your addresses you can use faucets:” (our wallets provider) – there are 4 you can use. Just grab the relevant address from your list for each one. You’ll need to subscribe to their newsletter but they don’t spam and you can unsubscribe again any time. This tiny amount of real currency will confirm that the external transfers are working.

Have I missed anything that should be tested?


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