Microlancer – Satoshi For Easy Tasks

Microlancer is a new system where you can earn satoshi for doing small tasks requested by other users. I’ve not been doing it for long but I can see already that it pays better than faucets, PTC etc.

It’s quite easy to use and the site owners are available and very helpful. You can also set tasks, if you have something you want people to do. The image above shows a few of the things, but really anything (legal!) you can think of could be posted.

It’s using Lightning Network which means you don’t need to wait for weeks to have enough to withdraw, or to send to a microwallet which charges you for the service. You can withdraw tiny amounts direct to your wallet.

Withdraw is easy, you paste in a lightning invoice instead of an address, which your wallet will generate for you.

But don’t worry! I tried out Lightning Network early on and it was not easy to use, but Microlancer makes it a couple of clicks, and there is a browser plug-in wallet that you can use to collect your funds and sned them wherever you need.

If you want to know more about lightning’s potential, rather than make a long article, I’ll let Andreas Antonopoulos explain, cos he does it better anyway:

“Streaming Money” will change how we think of transactions.

Closer To Freedom

For Click For Africa, this development will be very important, as our purpose is to enable people to send funds directly, person to person. Also it will eliminate entirely the need for people in places that the bankers have not yet infected to bypass them altogether and go straight to the improved system.

So to anyone wishing to get on board early, or just to earn some coins, I would say give Microlancer a try. At the moment it’s mostly tasks that are in the same ballpark as PTC and survey sites as far as rewards, though the sky is the limit. But it’s much more fun and will not give you high blood pressure like the survey sites, all of which seem to have been designed by chimps. (Sorry chimps, it’s a joke…)

Sorry, you do not meet the criteria for this survey, please wait while we redirect you through loads of links to another survey where you can fill in loads of personal data and be brought back to this message.

What Have We Done So Far

In this very early beta stage of the site, we’ve already achieved quite a lot I think. We are learning as we go along. This is the world’s first peer-to-peer charity system. The screenshot below shows how easy it is to send funds.

For the Kenya pilot project:

  • Bought a decent camera capable of good quality video and photos
  • A laptop to use in the office.
  • Paying an assistant to help out with all the work Evans is doing
  • Got a better internet connection with a directional antenna.

The Website:

  • The system all works, we’re able to transfer in our coins to our own site wallets and then send them without any fees directly to our recipients.
  • We have a live chat system throughout the site which seems to work well, members don’t need to log in to separate account, though they can use their Telegram account if they prefer.
  • We have a forum which seems to work ok, if anyone wants to use it.
  • Recipients can post updates on their progress and about new projects they are starting

What We Still Need:

  • Members! It’s ready to go, and the potential is huge. There are no expenses, no middlemen, 100% of your funds goes directly to your recipient, when you send it.
  • Coders. This was all cobbled together from various sources, and would benefit greatly from the skills of people proficient in PHP, javascript etc. It depends on this website for now, but we aim to develop it into a fully open source system.

This is not some ready-made Charity with a big budget for promotion and marketing. It’s just the members themselves. It will not look good until it is being used. Looking good before it actually is good costs a lot of money, and we are not in the business of wasting money. We’re not in business at all, this is just a system that you can use to help out directly with great projects.

New Target – $250 for Antenna and Modem

This is a really easy target to hit, so please join in and help us get it!

mANT30 will significantly increase bandwidth.

We’ve already got a laptop and a decent camera for the Center in Badilisha. Their connection is still not good enough to do reliable communications, such as video calls and even uploading videos to post on this site. We need to get a good antenna kit, a directional one to point at the main tower on the Island.

Microtik mANT30 antenna
Microtik Sleeve30 Kit

This antenna, along with the sleeve kit, will provide a much better internet connection allowing our friends in Rusinga to keep us informed of the progress of their amazing projects. Collect some Satoshi now (sign up using the form on the right), or just check out the things you can do without signing up.

Bitcoin Goldrush in South Africa?

During an eye-opening journey, Ran NeuNer (blockchain investor and host of “Crypto Trader” on CNBC Africa) takes Lee on a tour of one of the nation’s poorest townships, Khayelitsha, South Africa, where he explains why it could be the true epicentre for the cryptocurrency revolution — not to mention the next potential gold mine for institutional and amateur investors alike. But it’s an unusual encounter with an Uber driver that paints the most vivid use case for digital currency’s future.

Watch clips of CNBC documentary “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust” online.


Cointiply.com is a relatively high-paying faucet plus offerwalls, PTC ads and videos. The loyalty bonus makes it possibly the highers-paying faucet out there. Go in at least once a day to double your rewards. That includes when you get a high score or the bonus for a prime number, which happens quite often.

You can build up a good balance quite quickly with the combination of faucet claims, PTC ads, and videos.  The minimum FaucetHub withdrawal amount is 35,000 coins so it could take a while. Cointiply has been a well-run and reliable faucet.

There’s also a mining game which seems like it will pay out some, I tried it but it baffled me so I left it. You might find it ok!


Litecoin-faucet.com is a nice, straightforward faucet with no withdraw limit, so you can transfer your earnings to FauceHub whenever you like. On each claim, you also get a lottery ticket for the weekly lottery, so there’s a chance of a bit more. You can increase your chance by using some of your balance to buy more tickets.


screenshot of the monitor page

myfaucets.work isn’t a faucet. It’s just a really useful tool that will increase your efficiency, save time and let you earn more from the faucets and PTC sites you visit. It’s really difficult to keep track of your sites, and they all have different timers too, making it even worse.

Install Brave Browser and help your favorite sites!

Brave browser will block ads and trackers for you. It also enables you to reward the sites you like by sending them tokens which have real value. Soon it will also have opt-in ads for which you receive a large percentage of the revenue. Until then they have an initial bonus distributed to users. This means you can support ClickForAfrica just by using Brave browser.

Almost there!

We wanted to make it possible for people to send currency directly to individuals who are doing worthwhile community projects in the Third World. It turned out not to be as easy as we thought, but now the work is almost done.