We help people to use the internet to improve their own lives. This is done with them, not for them. We also provide the initial equipment they need, along with the first year’s internet connection. 100% of funds raised are spent on the projects, not on offices, staff, etc. Full accounts are publicly presented online.

kids from one of our projects.

Kids from the school in Namibia, at one of our internet projects. Click for video and blog site.

We have two pilot projects which show very well what just a little help from your friends can do. They will serve as a demonstration and then we will be able to open up to others.

Both projects need a decent internet connection and initial help in learning to use it properly. Both also include a school, so the benefits will be shared and greatly enhanced. The main difference we offer is that these projects belong to the people themselves, not to some organization who “lets” them use it. It’s all owned and run by the community, as part of a support network to offer assistance and education when needed.

Our first is Badilisha eco-village, on Rusinga Island, Lake Victora, And the second is Bloukrans, a remote community in Namibia. What you see there is what they have managed without a decent internet connection, often walking miles to a place they can connect, and posting videos and images on a USB key so we can upload them for them. With about 0.2 BTC each, they can get fully connected and start to reap the benefits.  This simple and direct way of working with others means that every Satoshi raised is equivalent to around 1c raised by traditional top-down charities.(1)

After the initial phase, where external funding is needed, the network’s members will fund the network by using it to promote and operate their organizations, businesses or trading. The ongoing costs are low, it’s the initial connection that is most difficult.

You can support the internet projects by transferring funds you have raised to the internet account. Or if you prefer you can help Badilisha with their tree planting project by transferring your coins to Evans. More will be added about that soon.

(1) I made that statistic up.

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