We Help people to use the internet to improve their own lives, working directly with them.

Members each send their free earnings to their chosen recipient, with no middleman and no waste. 100% of funds raised are spent on the projects, not on offices, staff, etc. Full accounts are publicly presented online.

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photo of the lakeshore at Badilisha

During this set-up phase we have a pilot project in Rusinga Island, Kenya. We’re sending our collected coins to ClickForAfrica member Evans (click to see posts) to help get a better internet connection and some equipment so that they can communicate more easily. They have a school, eco-village, AIDS orphan support scheme and much more going on.

What you see there is what they have managed to send from a camera we paid for with bitcoin, and had delivered to them. It’s difficult, without a decent internet connection, often walking miles to a place they can connect, and posting videos and images on a USB key so we can upload them for them. But, with about 0.5 BTC they can get fully connected, get a couple of laptops etc. and start to reap the benefits. This is already well on the way.

This simple and direct way of working with others means that every Satoshi raised is equivalent to around 1c raised by traditional top-down charities. (1)

As a member, you can support the internet projects by transferring funds you have raised to the users who are members on this site. You are sending directly to the people doing the project, with no middleman. We will be in direct contact with the people we’re helping out, and be able to see how things are improving over time.

(1) Bureau of Statistics, Oct. 2018.