Cryptotab Browser extension pays as much as Coinhive

CryptoTab is a plug-infor Chrome, Firefox or Brave browsers. We’ve tried out many ways of mining cryptocurrencies and this is certainly the easiest to set up. No need to worry about dodgy crypto scams, this is made by who have a solid reputation.

All you need to do is install the extension, set it to your liking and then you’ll be building up micro-earnings anytime the browser is active. It pays out in bitcoin, but will intelligently mine whatever is most profitable at the time.
If you’re not a ClickForAfrica member, get CryptoTab with our reflink and we’ll still get a bit of commission.

Mining For Africa

We have the mining page, but if you prefer not to have a tab open all the time, you could download the CryptoTab and mine with that instead. It pays out about the same rate as the mining page. An additional advantage is that there’s a good referral commission, so if you can get others on board your balance will increase steadily even when you’re not mining.

If you use your ClickForAfrica BTC address, you can just collect when you reach the threshold and it will appear in your account.

One good way to get referrals is to use the MellowAds faucet and collect 500 to 3000 satoshi per visit (once a day). The payout is high because you cannot withdraw, only use the Satoshi for advertising.  We did 3 campaigns at 10,000 Satoshi each and picked up 17 referrals.

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